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Sabtu, 11 Agustus 2012

owl city-to the sky

 G D/F# Em C


G              D/F#
shipwrect in a sea of faces
Em               D/F#
there's a dreamy world up there
G                D/F#
dear friends in higher places
carry me away from here

G                      D/F#
travel light, let the sun eclipse you
cause your light is about to leave
D/F#         G
and there's more to this brave adventure
C           D
than you'd ever believe


G          D/F#    Em                    C
birds-eye view, awake the stars cause they're all arround you
G     D/F#               Em           C
wide eyes will always brighten the blue
G           D/F#           Em          C
chase your dreams, and remember me, sweet bravery
    D/F#                G                      C
'cause after all those wings will take you, up so highso bid the firest floor goodbye as you race the wind
D                 G D/F#    Em C         G D/F# Em C
and take to the sky ( you take to the sky) da da..

[verse2] (chord=verse1)

on the heels of war and wonder
there's a stormy world up there
you can't whisper above the thunder
but you can fly anywhere

purple burst of paper birds
this picture paints a thousand words
so take a breath of myth and mistery
and don't look back

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C          G                D/F#
there's a realm above the trees
where the lost are finally found
C            G               D/F#
touch your feathers to the breeze
and leave the ground

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